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Sam Memmolo

Keep those windshields clear & safe

With most of the East Coast having a colder than normal winter, with snow, ice, and sub zero temperatures for extended periods of time, weíre so very lucky here in Georgia to have escaped most of the really severe weather.Words from Sam on Injector Service

Sure weíve had some cold weather, and a moderate ice storm, overall we have been fortunate enough to also enjoy some above average temperatures, and wonderful sunny winter days. But donít let that fool you.

Our vehicles need care regardless of how mild things have been so far. Most of us forget to replace our wiper blades until we need them on a rainy morning. Good wiper blades are critical to unimpaired visibility and driving safety.

Wiper blade replacement is recommended every six months, or at the very least once a year. The rubber that meets the glass can deteriorate from harmful UV rays, ozone, and road grime. Fresh wiper blades not only clean the glass better for good visibility, but protect that expensive windshield from damaging scratches.

If you are a commuter who drives eastbound in the morning, and back westbound in the evening, you already understand the sunís ability to blind you. A clean windshield (inside and out) is key to reducing the sunís glare.

Keep the glass clean; keep your windshield washer system in working order with a full reservoir of washer solvent, and of course, maintain good wiper blades. Sounds simple, but ask yourself when you last topped up the windshield washer fluid, and replaced the wiper blades.

Keeping those windows clear will make your car or light truck safer, more reliable, and more fun to drive.

Americas love affair with the Automobile

Happy Motoring,


Clean and Safe 

Spring is not too far off, and that means shirtsleeve weather, plants beginning to bloom, and a fresh, welcome reprieve from old man winterís frosty grip.

Winter weather can be tough on any vehicle, especially those vehicles that exist without the protection of a garage. The paint finish takes a heavy toll from road contaminants, extreme temperatures, and a host of other things like the sunís rays, and frozen precipitation.

Now that the weather is getting better, itís time to revitalize our vehicles. Here are some tips on cleaning winterís memories from your car or truck.

Start by giving it a good washing. Use plenty of clean water, a good car wash detergent, and never household cleaners. Please donít make the mistake of using dish detergents or any other cleaners that are not specifically designed for automotive finishes.

I like to use 2 buckets and 2 wash mitts. I say ďMittsĒ because a good quality wool or wool combination car wash mitt is easy on your carís finish. Sponges can catch and drag dirt and grime, causing fine scratches that eventually dull the finish.

I use one bucket and mitt for washing the top of the vehicle, down to about the door handles. The other is for washing the dirtiest part, which is from the beltline down. This two bucket / mitt method prevents bringing that heavy dirt at the bottom to the cleaner areas of the top.

After washing, dry the finish with a clean chamois or absorber, and then apply a good coat of clear coat safe wax. I personally prefer carnauba waxes. Clean the glass inside and out with a good glass cleaner and soft terry towel or paper towels, and then vacuum out the interior.

Keeping your carís finish clean and protected will pay big dividends when its time to trade or sell. A clean car is just safer and more enjoyable to drive. Thorntoní Chevroletís parts department has everything you need to clean and protect virtually every surface on your vehicle. You also can get friendly, knowledgeable advice on what products are best for your application.

Protect your investment, and keep yourself and family safe by maintaining the cosmetic, as well as the mechanical areas of your vehicle.

Americas love affair with the Automobile

Happy Motoring!

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