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K & N Engineering, worlds leading air filter manufacturer, Engine Builder Magazine and the University of Northwestern Ohio present:-

A two day, two evening hi-tech performance/race engine building seminar hosted by David Vizard one of the world’s most recognized authorities on the subject.
Presenter David Vizard, (Mr. Horsepower) first flowed a cylinder head May 1958. After an apprenticeship and achieving degree level qualifications in the aero-space industry as a research engineer, he started an engine shop in 1964. In 1969 he wrote his first (of nearly 4000) engine building articles based on actually doing the job. The publisher was so impressed he asked if DV could do more. From here things snowballed. Within just 3 years DV was writing an unprecedented 18 articles a month, for no less than 12 magazines. All from firsthand experience building and developing race engines out of his shop with lifelong friend and business partner Mike Lane. High demand for editorial material brought into play two other factors contributing to DV’s major success. First he was able to devote a lot of time to engine R&D and secondly DV’s rising popularity as an extraordinarily innovative tech writer (has name on over 40 patents) brought about huge industry support allowing R & D well beyond normal budgets. The result – an individual with over 250,000 R&D dyno pulls as well as thousands of hours on a flow bench. Has this paid off? In short DV is probably responsible, in one form or another, for more race wins than any other individual on the face of the planet.

Why should you attend? DV is not only a top rated engine builder but also an accomplished driver having set track records on every track he has raced on but one. He is also the only tech writer to put a privately entered car on class pole at an international event against factory owned or supported teams. He was responsible for the engine development including cylinder heads, cams and carburetion. DV also designed the suspension and even made his own shocks. He also did the aerodynamics and paint work.

Novice performance engine builder David McCoig built this big block Chevy strictly to DV specs and made the numbers you see here.  That was more torque and hp than the big block specialists whose dyno he rented made from his street 540's.  With a 250 hp nitrous system activated this unit produced over 1080 hp and over 1030 lbs-ft.

All done after hours with a two man crew in an 11 x 33 ft shop. At the 1974 British GP the touring car race was the main supporting feature. He broke in an engine during practice and qualified 28th. As about 8 million TV viewers saw, the start, with Vizard power, was truly spectacular – he was joint first into the first corner! He is also the only tech writer in the world who can explain to a rank beginner how to build a race engine that then goes out and beats the pro’s to the finish line! That is something he has done on numerous occasions. Fast and legal? Sure – this is a man who has even protested his own cars to prove their race dominating speed is all legal! This is just a few of many such accomplishments that make DV the #1 source of performance and race winning tech.
Novice or experienced pro, this is why you need to sign up here. Get 50 plus years of race winning tech in about 20 hours. Tech that we absolutely guarantee you will not get from any other source!

What will I need for lecture notes? Not much. The seminar lecture notes are the most complete and comprehensive you will ever get. These are in the form of DV’s book ‘How to Build Horsepower’ Copies can be had at the seminar at a 20% discount. What will you learn from this seminar? The subject umbrella for this seminar is one we are all told is the most important ingredient for maximizing engine output but is never talked about because it is considered such an elusive subject. That subject is ‘Combinations’. It’s well known that success means having the right combination of parts but no one ever tells you how to arrive at a working combination at square one. DV covers that in great and easily understood detail so first time around engines truly crank out the hoped for power. Within this framework DV deals with such subjects as:-
 1) The little known secret of making 3 hp per cubic inch (175 per liter) from a normally aspirated, 2 valve, carbureted engine.
 2) How the top two plane intake manufacturers are giving the wrong advice on carburetion (that’s a 20 hp tip right there)
 3) Why 99% of head specialists are incorrectly flowing heads and intake manifolds.
 4) Saving $9500 on a flow bench purchase – by building a super pro capability bench that will do the job right - for under $150.
 5) A totally new hyper-accurate cam spec system that will spec a cam for your motor in under 5 minute to better than 98.5% optimal first time around (industry average is currently about 90%)
 6) What really goes on in running cylinder? (Live in-cylinder and port pressure measurement demonstrations).
 7) How to pick up power by incorporating an air filter on your race engine – and extend it’s life!
 8) The truth about low resistance plug cables.
The subject list numbers in the hundreds and will absorb you for the entire two days.
See ... 

Seminar Location:- University of Northwestern Ohio 1441 North Cable Rd, Lima, Ohio, 45805 USA and is situated 120 miles ENE of Indianapolis. The University is a known and respected performance learning center for those wanting to work in the performance/race industry.


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